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      Intellectual Agrochemical Formulation Plant (Packing) Bottle Filling Line 5-30L Safe, environmental friendly, intelligent filling line.
      Explosion Proof Weighing Filling Line Introduction: This line is applicable for the automatic packaging of 5-30L SC, AS, EC and water-soluble fertilizer. Explosion Proof Weighing Filling Line adopts a two -layer structure, and the packaging materials are all temporarily stored in the second layer, the bottles, caps and cartons are automatically transported to the first layer of packaging line.
      Explosion Proof Weighing Filling Line can complete the bottle unscambling, filling, capping, labeling, QR coding, carton erecting, packing, sealing and palletizing. The machines are equipped with enviroment-friendly cover.This line adopts the integrated filling and capping to ensure the workshop production is in clean air.

      Filling line capacity:900 drums per hour for filling 5L water.
      It composed of centralized control electric cabinet, automatic supplying package material in the second floor,automatic bottle feeding machine, holding conveyor in second floor, CZ-8-1 Integrated filling and capping machine,induction sealing machine, inkjet printer, QR code system, TN-200LDS Front and back Two sides Self-adhesive labeling machine, automatic carton erector,KZ-1B Carton Packing machine and ABB mechnical arm palletizing machine.

      Technical parameters:
      filling range: 5-30L,
      filling precision: ≥99.5%;
      applicable bottle size: round bottle: Min. 200×140×320mm; Max. 290×260×400mm External dimension: 8525×2600×2840mm (L×W×H)

      In 2014, Ecolab purchased 5-30L Ex-proof weighing scaled Filling Line.
      Detail items: Bottle Unscrambler, weighing scaled Filling machine, single-head capping machine, double-side labeling machine and ex-proof control cabinets. All production electric allocations are ex-proof, photoelectric sensor, solenoid valve, motor, level control, etc. All control allocations should be placed inside the ex-proof cabinets, PLC, touch screen, frequency invertor, switch button, relay, safety guard, etc..

      Weighing Filling Line Benefits: Standard Features: 1) with tri-clamp fittings; 2) Fill Head Valve, with tool-less height adjustment; 3) Intuitive and easy to use PLC Control System; 4)France Schneider PLC control; 5) Frame: 304SS with leveling legs; 6) Product weight set from operator interface; 7) On-the-fly product weight adjustment; 8)Tool less adjustments for rapid change over; 9) Clean product flow path (no dead spots, gaps). Control System: User-friendly PLC controls with touch screen HMI panel; or can customized Painted steel control enclosure; Fill weight adjustment from touch screen; 50 memory locations for fill set-up recipes; Emergency Stop push button on face of control box; Weighing Filling Line manufacturers